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Taughannock Falls
Taughannock Falls, Trumansburg , NY

Jason Brand, Jessica Barhaug, Roger Reinmiller, Ronald Parker and Bilu Cherian, 2021 Multi-Disciplinary Fracture and Spacing Study in the DJ Basin, Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTeC), Houston, TX, July 26-28, 2021, Paper 5297, 20 pp. URTeC Paper 5297

Daniel Martin, Ronald L. Parker, Roger R. Reinmiller, Scott Field, Luke Davenport and Jasper Dawson, 2019, Integrating Borehole Image and Mass Spectrometry Data to Characterize Longitudinal and Vertical Heterogeneity in Proximal Horizontal Wells, Delaware Basin, Texas, 2019 West Texas Geological Society Annual Fall Symposium, Midland, TX (BIS WTGS 2019 Poster E Well 1 Final) (BIS WTGS 2019 Poster Q Well 2 Final)

Roger Reinmiller, Ronald L. Parker, Daniel Martin, Scott Field and Jason Edwards, 2018, Longitudinal Variability within a Delaware Basin, Wolfcamp Horizontal Well: Insights from Integrating Data from Borehole Image, Dipole Sonic, Drill-bit Geomechanics and Mass Spectrometry, 2018 West Texas Geological Society Annual Fall Symposium, Midland, TX (BIS WTGS 2018 Poster)

Olsen, T.N., M. P. Germanario, R. Reinmiller, D. Martinez and R.L. Parker, 2014, Horizontal Lateral Image Analysis Applied to Fracture Stage Optimization in Eastern Barnett Shale, Tarrant and Dallas Counties, Texas, Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTeC), Denver, CO, Aug 25-27, 2014, URTeC Paper 1922149, 13 pp. URTeC Paper #1922149


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