About Us

We Provide Detailed Analysis and Interpretation of Borehole Image Logs.

We are a company of experienced geologists who offer comprehensive open hole and borehole image log analysis and interpretation. We have extensive regional experience in sedimentary basins around the world.

  • Structural Analysis
  • Present-Day Stress
  • Fracture System Characterization
  • Image Facies
  • Image – Core Comparison
  • Geomechanical Analysis

We specialize in analyzing and interpreting borehole image logs for the oil and gas industry. Borehole imaging provides the best means of characterizing the spatial geometry of faults, fractures, bedding contacts, folds, changes in rock type, deformation textures, present-day stress indicators and many other rock properties. We utilize data acquired from service companies from both water-based mud and oil-based mud systems in vertical and horizontal wells.

We bring over 74 years of industry experience to our clients. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive borehole image log analysis and interpretation that is tailored to our client’s specific requirements.

We are able to convert old 60-inch paper borehole image plots or PDF files into digital data that can be interpreted as modern image DLIS files.

This is a borehole image with a rich mix of sedimentary features.

Borehole Image Specialists

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