Waipio Valley, Hawaii
Waipio Valley, Hawaii

We have monetized unrecognized value from our image logs by working with Borehole Image Specialists on both stratigraphic and structural projects. What makes this team so unique is their interest in understanding the client’s needs and aspirations, and helping the client design custom solutions for their specific needs. BIS works with the client by sitting with them on the computer and using the client’s own data to construct and fine-tune the processes and methodologies that work best for the client.  No canned solutions with BIS. They are able to work this way because they are well-rounded and experienced stand-alone geoscientists, not just image log gurus.  BIS finds value where you didn’t even know it was hidden.

  • John Youle, Exploration Mgr & Partner, Sunflower Energy LLC

We use Borehole Image Specialists for all of our wellbore image interpretations and have done since the company started in 2016. The people at BIS are professionals -they walk us through interpretations at whatever detail level we need.  They are always available to help answer additional questions, even when that means dozens or hundreds of additional, detailed questions on a single well. Roger, Dan, and Ron also keep up on the literature and are willing to share what they’ve learned. Thanks, BIS for being a partner all these years!

  • Andrew McCarthy, Geoscience Manager, Concho Oil & Gas Operating LLC, Midland Basin Business Unit

Borehole Image Specialists