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Summit accordance or gipfelflur, whereby the tops of a "sea of peaks" appear to have roughly the same elevation. View to NW from Mount Evans.
Summit accordance or gipfelflur, whereby the tops of a "sea of peaks" appear to have roughly the same elevation. View to NW from Mount Evans

AAPG – American Association of Petroleum Geologists

AASG – Association of American State Geologists

AASP – American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists

AEG – Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists

AESE – Association of Earth Science Editors

AGI – American Geosciences Institute

AGS – Alabama Geological Society

AGS – Alaska Geological Society

AGS – Austin Geological Society

AGU – American Geophysical Union

AIH – American Institute of Hydrology

AM – American Mineralogist

AMGP – Asociacion Mexicana de Geologos Petroleros AC

ASBOG – National Association of State Boards of Geology

AWG – Association for Women Geoscientists

BEG – Bureau of Economic Geology

BRGS – Baton Rouge Geological Society

CCGS – Corpus Christi Geological Society

CGS – Colorado Geological Survey

CMS – Clay Minerals Society

COGA – Colorado Oil and Gas Association 

DGS – Dallas Geological Society

DGS – Delaware Geological Survey

DGS – Denver Geophysical Society

DMC – Denver Mining Club

DWLS – Denver Well Logging Society

ETGS – East Texas Geological Society

FCGS – Four Corners Geological Society

FOM – Friends of Mineralogy

GAC – Geological Association of Canada

GCAGS – Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies

GIS – Geoscience Information Society

GJGS – Grand Junction Geological Society

GSA – Geological Society of America

GSL – The Geological Society of London

GS – The Geochemical Society

HGS – Houston Geological Society

LABGS – Los Angeles Basin Geological Society

LGS – Lafayette Geological Society

MDEQ – Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality

MGS – Montana Geological Society

MSA – Mineralogical Society of America

NABG – National Association of Black Geoscientists

NAGT – National Association of Geoscience Teachers

NDGS – North Dakota Geological Society

NEIGC – New England Intercollegiate Geologic Conference

NGMDB – The National Geologic Map Database

NGWA – National Ground Water Association

NMA – National Mining Association

NMGS – New Mexico Geological Society

NOGS – New Orleans Geological Society

NSPE – National Society of Professional Engineers

NSS – National Speleological Society

NYSGA – New York State Geological Association

OGS – Oklahoma Geological Survey

PAPG – Pittsburgh Association of Petroleum Geologists

PRI – Paleontological Research Institution

PTTC- Petroleum Technology Transfer Council

RMAG – Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

RMS-SEPM – Rocky Mountain Section – SEPM

SGS – Shreveport Geological Society

SEG – Society of Exploration Geophysicists

SEGS – Southeastern Geological Society

SEcG – Society of Economic Geologists

SEPM – Society for Sedimentary Geology

SIPES – Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists

SJGS – San Joaquin Geological Society

SME – Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration, Inc.

SPE – Society of Petroleum Engineers

SPWLA – Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts

SSA – Seismological Society of America

SSSA – Soil Science Society of America

STGS – South Texas Geological Society

TCEQ – Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

TSOP – The Society for Organic Petrology

UGS – Utah Geological Society

USGS – United States Geological Survey

VGS – Vermont Geological Society

VGS – Vermont Geological Survey

WGS – Wyoming Geological Society

WTGS – West Texas Geological Society


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