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Broomfield Dakota
Upper shoreface sandstones from the Lower Cretaceous Dakota sandstone, Broomfield, CO. The dip direction and dip angle are readily measured from borehole images, permitting reconstruction of sediment transport direction.
Fluvial channel and overbank sediments, Upper Devonian Catskill Formation, Parksville, N.Y. Borehole image logs are able to resolve the alternating channel sand and floodplain mud architecture of alluvial sediments.
Garden Park Fossil Area
Fluvial channel and overbank sediments, Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation, Garden Park Fossil Area, Canon City, CO. Borehole image logs are useful in defining image facies, a proxy for depositional facies.
Sand Channel over Tonstein Irish Canyonb
Coal with interlaminated bentonites (tonsteins) of the Rock Springs Formation overlain by Erickson fluvial channel sandstones, E. of Superior, Wyoming. Bentonites have a unique character that makes them easy to identify on borehole images.
Sturgeon Point Fractures Zoom
Hackle fractures in the Upper Devonian Rhinestreet Shale, Lake Erie shoreline near Sturgeon Point Marina, Hamburg, N.Y. Borehole image logs permit measuring the spatial geometry of fractures.
Wolcott to Kremmling
Upper Cretaceous Pierre Shale overlain by Fox Hills Sandstone, near Green Mountain Reservoir, Summit County, Colorado. Sequence stratigraphic changes are easily resolved by borehole image logs.
Lyons 3
Thin layer of Permian Lyons sandstone, Red Mountain Open Space, Larimer County, CO. The sediment transport direction preserved in aeolian crossbeds is easily mapped by borehole images.
Ron Parker 4
Carbonate concretion in the Upper Devonian Rhinestreet Shale, Lake Erie shoreline near Sturgeon Point Marina, Hamburg, N.Y. Conctretionary horizons are easily identified by borehole image logs.
Sturgeon Point
Catagenic fractures I the Rhinestreet Shale, Sturgeon Point Marina, Hamburg, N.Y.
Nio Canon City
Upper Cretaceous Fort Hays Limestone overlying the Codell Sandstone, Pueblo Environmental Center, Pueblo CO.
Fractured Red Rock
Intersecting fractures in the Honaker Trail Formation, San Juan River near Mexican Hat, Utah. High-angle fractures are readily mapped with borehole image logs.
Manitou Corestones2
Cambrian Sawatch sandstone overlying the Pre-Cambrian Pike's Peak Granite, Manitou Springs, CO. The profound unconformity (nonconformity) would easily be resolved by a borehole image log.

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